Sunday, August 22, 2010


Oh my gosh! How time flies. I can't believe it has been almost 2 months since I have been on here. I have been so busy with work and vacation and family things that I didn't realize that time has flown by. Since my last post, I took my 2 oldest grandkids to Chicago to stay with my youngest daughter for 3 days. They loved it. The oldest lives in Indianapolis and she thought she lived in the big city until she say Chicago. She loved the buildings and all the sites. My daughter lives right downtown and of course they walk everywhere. Well you thought we were killing them. They were used to getting in the car and riding. So needless to say they got their walking exercise while we were there. It was a great time to see my daughter and to spend time with the kids. Hopefully next year I will be able to take the middle grandchild with us.

Anyway back to stamping. I've been trying to get ready for a couple of craft shows we do in the fall as a Church group and with working my free time is nill. So hopefully with the holidays approaching (oh my gosh, the holidays are approaching, I can't believe I said that), that I'll be able to get some cards posted. I am planning my Christmas card class that will be at the end of September along with fall shows and craft shows. So I am planning on getting the cards for the Christmas class posted soon so if anyone is interested in attending you will l have time to get your order and reservation in.

HOLIDAY MINI! Yes the Holiday mini will be here soon also. I it will be live on September 1st and you won't believe all the new and exciting things in there. Anything form stamp sets to fabric. Yes I said fabric, designer fabric exclusive to Stampin Up. And wonderful brainstorming ideas to get your enthusiasm going. Ill post more about the mini as it gets closer to the first.

So in the meantime here are a few cards that I have been working on. Some I've cased and some are mine. I want to thank all you fine and talented stampers out there that Inspire me.